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Supplements and Supplies We Sell: 


We sell Metagenics and Chiropractor's Blend Supplements. Chiropractor's Blend Supplements must be purchased in our office. The Metagenics brand can be purchased in our office or through our online Metagenics store. Below are instructions on how to order them online: 

Metagenics Online Ordering Instructions:

Go to  In the upper right corner of page it says "Log In/Create Account".  Create a Patient Account.


This will take you into a page where you can search for the product you want.  If you know the name of the product you want, you can go to bottom right and search products by alphabet.  


Metagenics offers 20% off your first order online. 


Allow for the proper alignment of your spine while sleeping on your side or back.  Having a supportive pillow can greatly reduce neck pain and arm issues.  


We offer 2 kinds of cervical pillows:

Memory Foam - $50      Fiber Filled - $45


BIOFREEZE GEL: Patients love Biofreeze, a topical gel used to treat arthritis, back pain, sore muscles and joints.  Only available through professionals.  

4oz tube or 3oz roll-on: 

$14.50 + tax


These handy devices are for patients to use at home or work for controlling neck pain, mid-back pain, low back pain, extremity issues and more.  Easy to use and very affordable.  Can use Flex/HSA accounts to purchase. 

Tens Unit

Unit includes batteries & 1 set of electrodes:


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